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In aerospace industry it is necessary not only to work in absence of polluting particles, but strictly control the microbiological contamination to avoid bringing terrestrial life to other planets.

The technological effort required to match the aerospace sector needs is really demanding, as it is evident from Acotec commitment in one of the most important and prestigious project of these years.

We are talking about EXOMARS mission. Acotec has realized together Thales Alenia, one of main contractor in Exomars mission 2016-2021, two innovative plants.

One 360 m2 cleanroom classified ISO7 HC (highly controlled) and its upgrade for creating an ISOAMC-8 environment, one of the most pure place on hearth.

Than a second one portable cleanroom (260 m2) has been built for completing last steps of modules assembling process in Baikonur launching base.